Water Safely & Drowning Prevention Tips

Swim lessons can help prevent drowning.

Water Safely & Drowning Prevention Tips

Drowning is one of the major causes of death among all ages people, especially kids, and teens. Not to speak of swimming pools, infants or toddlers may drown even in bathtubs or buckets. Approx 1,500 kids and teens die every year in the US due to drowning. Most of the departed souls were either having fun swimming, boating or just playing in or around the water.

However, we all can prevent or diminish the risk of drowning if we are a bit conscious of water safety measures and follow the rules of drowning prevention.

So, what are those safety measures and drowning prevention tips – just have a look:

Adult Supervision:

  • Adults are strictly advised to be always within sight and reach of the children when they are in or around the water. It includes bathtubs, pools, buckets, rivers, lakes, oceans, beaches everything. Besides being within reach of children, adults are forbidden to use their cell phones also or do any such activity that may divert their attention while supervising their kids.

Water Safety Training For Adults:

  • Adults are advised to get themselves trained in water safety training, or swim lessons. May it not be but if any time your kids get into a water hazard while you were supervising them; water safety training may serve as a life-saving skill that time.

Four-Sided Pool Fencing:

  • Researchers have shown that four-sided pool fencing can minimize the risk of kids drowning by up to 70%. It is so because kids’ drowning is a silent demise. A parent inside the house may not be aware of every single activity of their kids when they went out the backdoor of the house, slipped into the water, and drown quietly. Four-sided pool fencing is designed to avoid such lethal accidents of water due to which children can’t climb over it.

Swimming Lessons:

  • Last but not the least; make your kids a master of swimming by getting them enrolled in professional swimming lessons. An appropriate swimming lesson will not only perk up their skill and boost up confidence, but also be a great way to protect them from drowning.

These are just a few but the best tips for drowning prevention. A bit of alertness, a pinch of safety measures, a perfect swimming lesson – and you are all done to enjoy the fun of swimming without the fear of drowning.

The best way to prevent drowning and confidence in the water is to encourage swimming lessons.